We Solve Tax Problems Nation-Wide

One of our specialties is the resolution of tax problems. If you or anyone you know has an issue with the government concerning a tax liability they cannot pay or if they are currently being audited and do not know what to do, Malik & Co. CPAs has the solutions.

With a staff comprising over 60 years of combined expert experience solving tax problems, we can solve your tax issues. Our staff members have advanced degrees in taxation. Some have formerly worked for the Internal Revenue Service (IRS).  We know the inside workings of how things are done. 



If your bank account has been levied, we can and will get your money back for you!


Please don’t let a bank levy send you over the edge. It’s not too late. We can get your money back.


IRS Letter

Have you recently received an IRS letter or a letter from a state revenue department?


Are you confused by what you should do with this letter? We understand what those letters mean…


Tax Audit

Selected for a Tax Audit by the IRS or State Revenue Department?

If you are facing an audit, don’t worry! We know what to do…


Tax Levy

Have a tax levy? We can get it removed!!!!


Do you currently have a tax levy? Has the IRS taken your money? Do you want it back?


Tax Lien

Are you facing an irritating tax lien?


Is your current tax lien interfering with your credit? We can remove it!


Tax Penalties

Do you owe the IRS or State Revenue Department?


The penalties on top of the tax bill can be a huge mountain, we can get the penalties removed!


Unfiled Tax Return

Do you have unfied income tax returns that are stressing you out?


Start sleeping better because we have a solution to your tax problems!


Unpaid Taxes

Do you currently have unpaid taxes that are causing problems?


Unpaid taxes can be resolved very easily. We will find a solution for you that you can live with.


Wage Garnishment

Did you receive a wage garnishment with your employer?


We can stop wage garnishments so you can start receiving your FULL paycheck again!